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Welcome to Gremlin's South African Worldwide Forum

With All the latest info on Masterchef South Africa Season 3. Please note that for legal reasons, some info is only available to registered members.

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MasterChef South Africa Season 3 Contestants....

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Gremlin SA Submitted on the 2014/08/28 21:22:25
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Abigail Mbalo : 38 : Cape Town
Dental Technologist

Abigail is a dental technologist from Cape Town, but when she’s not sculpting pearly whites, she is creating beautiful plates in her kitchen at home. Her dream is to bring the concept of fine dining to the “kasi”, and to educate South Africans about the versatility of food, using fresh, local ingredients. She wants to empower people through food. It was Abigail’s chicken roulade with a mousse and sundried tomato filling on Day 2 of boot camp that really impressed judges Reuben, Pete and Benny. Her artistic plating skills throughout the first few rounds of the competition was the cherry on top when it came to awarding Abigail with a Top 12 apron.

Francois Zietsman : 22 : Stellenbosch

Francois is the youngest of the Top 12 contestants this Season. He is a laid-back, quiet young musician but Francois is not shy when it comes to taking risks with his cooking, combining unusual flavours and trying out new processes for the first time. On Day 1 of boot camp, Francois impressed Chef Pete Goffe-Wood by making a rooibos-smoked mash potato to accompany his angelfish. When he tackled a beef wellington on Day 2 of Boot Camp, the judges could not help but to sit up and take notice. It was an ambitious choice of dish for the amount of time allocated in the challenge, but Francois seemed to pull it off almost effortlessly. His adventurous spirit and impressive execution of complex processes earned him a spot in the MasterChef kitchen.

Ian Young : 49 : Cape Town

Family man Ian worked in advertising for his whole career until he decided to give it all up two years ago in order to pursue his true passion: food. Having worked in this industry for so long, Ian’s natural creativity also shines through in his dishes. He grilled his angelfish on the braai on Day 1 of boot camp, accompanying it with mash potato, salsa verde and a pea puree. But it was his perfectly done beef carpaccio with salad and teriyaki sauce that really impressed the judges on the final day of Boot Camp. Ian’s talents lie in keeping his dishes simple and delicious. As Chef Pete likes to remind us, “there’s no hiding” in a simple dish. The flavours and textures have to be spot-on, and that is exactly what earned Ian a spot in the Top 12.

Melissa-Lee Sutherland (Mel) : 25: Vaalwater

Mel is anything but your typical farm girl. Having grown up in the bush, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty, but Mel is also a creative with a flair for fashion and trends. Her hair colour is ever-changing, as are her culinary experiments in the kitchen. Mel’s choice to go bold and make ceviche in the boot camp angelfish challenge was considered extremely risky by the judges, however, her pan-fried duck breast the following day could not be faulted. When it came to securing her spot in the Top 12, Mel had to stay cool under pressure when the judges asked her to cook-off for the final apron against Jilliane, whose dish on Day 1 was a winner, but whose cheesecake the following day was a literal flop. In the end, Mel displayed her true mettle by baking a better batch of scones, and the last spot in the kitchen was hers.

Penny Fitchet : 31 : Durban

Penny is a teacher from Durban who has a flair and passion for various types of Asian cuisine, having spent time living in China, and travelling through the East. But her cooking repertoire is broad: Penny also has a Mauritian grandmother whose heritage inspired her to make a Mauritian curry for the judges in the first boot camp Angelfish Challenge. Not only did she impress the judges with this delicious and fragrant curry, she secured her spot in the MasterChef Kitchen the following day by wowing them with her Asian chicken two ways, including made-from-scratch spring rolls.

Philippa Robinson : 48 : Johannesburg

Philippa is a life skills lecturer from Johannesburg, but this eccentric cook has dabbled in a variety of career paths, including being a paramedic. Her dream is to connect and empower South Africans through cooking and food initiatives. Philippa has a flair for bold flavours: on Day 1 of Boot Camp she kept it classic by making a pan-fried angelfish with crushed potato and beurre blanc, but it was on Day 2 that she truly impressed the judges by making ravioli stuffed with marrow and marscapone, with brown butter and roasted tomatoes. She managed to pull off a great ravioli, despite having to come up with a contingency plan when she forgot to take eggs from the pantry! Her ability to think on her feet while still creating interesting and unique flavours on the plate, were exactly the kind of traits that the judges were looking for.

Roxi Wardman : 26 : Durban
Train driver assistant

Roxi is a leopard-print-loving, Marilyn Monroe-obsessed, tattooed train driver’s assistant from Durban. This eccentric home cook finds solace in front of her oven after a long day on the tracks. She very quickly established herself as a ‘dessert queen’ in her initial Hot Audition when she made a chocolate cupcake with salted caramel icing that guest chef Jackie Cameron wanted to devour several more servings of! Roxi displayed a broader range of cooking skills by making an angelfish laksa on Day 1 of boot camp, followed by an incredible chocolate ganache tart with gooseberry and tomato jam and raspberry coulis the following day. Her adaptability when being told that she had to include tomatoes into her dessert dish on Day 2, and the outstanding outcome of this dish, won her a spot in the Top 12.

Siphokazi Mdlankomo (Sipho) : 39 : Cape Town
Domestic worker

Sipho, a domestic worker from Cape Town, is the embodiment of the popular adage that “dynamite comes in small packages”. This pint-sized cook is out to prove that domestic workers are not second-class citizens; that their role in South African households should be held in equal regard to any other profession out there. On her first day in boot camp, Sipho had to think on her feet when her original plan of making a consommé didn’t work out – but she kept her cool and made a beautiful aioli to accompany her perfectly pan-fried angelfish. On Day 2, she displayed an impressive skills base once again by making a succulent parma wrapped chicken breast with cauliflower mash and Provencale sauce. The judges quickly noticed that Siphokazi’s talents lie in her vast knowledge of different cooking styles – from classic to modern – coupled with the ability to combine and balance flavours effortlessly.

Claire Allen : 27 : Cape Town - Eliminated (Top 9) Ep 9

Claire is an ambitious young entrepreneur who owns her own events company in Cape Town. She finds working with food therapeutic, and you can find Claire in her kitchen in every spare moment she has. This hard-working home cook pushed herself to impress the judges on the very first day of boot camp, by making gnocci – from scratch - to accompany her angelfish dish. And it worked! In keeping with the high standard she set for herself, Claire’s delicious chicken roulade the following day was enough to convince the judges to put her in the MasterChef SA Season 3 Top 12.

Refilwe Tselanyane : 36 : Johannesburg - Eliminated (Top 10) Ep 8
Service consultant

Refilwe works as a service consultant for a bank, but her true passion lies in baking. Refilwe’s novelty cakes have friends and family lining up to place orders for her one-of-a-kind creations every week. Refilwe is also an entrepreneur at heart – she is used to waking up before sunrise to prepare fresh muffins for commuters at her local train station. On Day 2 of boot camp, she was the only contestant other than Roxi to make a successful dessert. Refilwe upped the bar by making ile flottante – otherwise known as “floating islands” or “egg snow”, a dessert of French origin which requires a high level of skill to perfect. Accompanied with a raspberry and tomato jam, this unusual dish was enough to earn her a spot in the Top 12.

Ndumiso Mncwabe : 28 : Durban - Eliminated (Top 11) Ep 6

Ndumiso is a self-made, successful entrepreneur who owns his own bar rental company in Durban. But this affable young man’s dream is to one day marry his skills as a mixologist with his passion for food, and to open his own trendy smokehouse. On day one of Boot Camp, Ndumiso accompanied his angelfish with an impressive grapefruit hollandaise sauce, and, staying true to his food dream on Day 2, wowed the judges with his open ostrich steak sandwich. His relaxed approach to making well-balanced, flavourful, hearty food is what earned this savvy businessman his spot in the MasterChef kitchen.

Phila Vilakazi : 33 : Johannesburg - Eliminated (Top 12) Ep 4

Eccentric, flamboyant and always stylish Phila entered MasterChef South Africa last season where he was eliminated in the “Potato Chop” first round of boot camp. Despite being devastated by going home so early, Phila was more determined than ever to make sure that he didn’t make the same mistake twice. He spent his free time in the past year honing his skills, learning about different cuisines and mastering basic techniques. Needless to say, Phila returned stronger than ever to slay his boot camp dragons once and for all. His white wine and garlic sauce accompaniment to his angelfish was perfectly balanced, while his stuffed chicken breast the following day remained tender and succulent; delicious enough to finally make Phila’s dream of setting foot in the MasterChef SA kitchen a reality.

All Blurbs taken from the DSTV site.

What ever is eating at you, Must be suffering horribly.

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Unity Submitted on the 2014/09/09 09:19:14
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Yet again thank you for keeping this updated gremmy...

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.

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